Every marketer has used “to the moon” as a catchphrase. As if it’s an assurance that you’ll reach a level of profitability with the trajectory of your investment. The indisputable fact towards this catchphrase is 90% of it will take a huge risk on your end.  

It would be best if you approached it with a grain of salt. This blog post will explain when is “to the moon” timely to use as an investor in crypto.  

What is a Moon Cryptocurrency? 

How to tell if you notice a mooning coin? A mooning coin is a crypto that is about to hit the bull market. Therefore, it’s a coin that will skyrocket in value. You can see this in the short term or the long term. The market is in a parabolic state because of current events. However, NFTs surprisingly increase in value and are unaffected by the market’s current state.  

You can fathom it because NFTs are unique commodities, and the only ones benefiting from an increased value of NFTs are the ETH traders that can profit from it once a trade happens. Since NFTs are majorly Ethereum-based anyway.  

So NFTs and ETH are suitable bases on what is a mooning coin. But ETH is declining in value. So, you can take advantage of ETH’s decline by purchasing cheap or limited edition NFTs. Some sell for as low as 50 USD and even lower.    

The Fantom crypto is continuously going in a slow rise in value, and there is a massive suspicion that it will skyrocket slowly this year. So, if there is a crypto that is a good bet for bull trading, it’s this one.  

When Is It Right To Invest?  

Since the market is in a bear state, it is high time to take advantage of the staggering prices of altcoins and meme coins. Also, it is notable for taking note of this year’s expectation on the Metaverse. There are a lot of Metaverse-based coins that are expected to rise this year. If you can’t bank on short-term investments, bet on the realistic and long-term ones.  

Now that there are stable coins that are certain that you’ll earn a profit if you invest in them, setting aside your pre-invested money on ETH would be a great idea. The research will take you on a long route if you see an opportunity. The Metaverse would be a viable route, check which Metaverse-based coin is truly instrumental for the advancement of that platform, and you’ll know.  

Is It Appropriate To Say “To The Moon” When It Is A Bear Market?  

There are only two approaches to keep that phrase when the market fails. We’ve seen this in the 2008 stock market incident and the 2016 Ethereum implosion. There are only two things you can do so that your cash flow is as prosperous:  


Well, you need to buy a lot of downgrading cryptos and engage in a long-term investment instead of looking at it every minute. You should engage as a one-off investment and look at it after next year.  

Bitcoin is at its lowest today. So are popular Altcoins like Doge and Shiba. So, it is an excellent opportunity if you have disposable income to venture out of your wallet and exchange it at a later time.  


“Holding on to dear life” is a term you do if you want to ensure that a depreciating value will appreciate in time. However, if you have several deprecating investments in crypto, it would be nice to trade it off in another crypto that you can be comfortable with.  

A new fake coin called “grimace coin” suddenly dropped in a few hours. Long term hold of investments is the real recipe of success with crypto’s top ten every year. Once you get ahold of enough budget for one of the big three stable coins, you’re all set for your initial investments.   

It would be best if you also had wisdom and confidence in the crypto you’re investing that it will appreciate this year. But don’t fill yourself with blind optimism. Reading current events and trends will help you allocate your funds and investments not even right now but in the long run.  


It will take a long-term observation period to see if your crypto investment will hit the moon and skyrocket. Sometimes, it’s a fleeting moment, and you can get a kick at quick deals. That’s how sneaky crypto Traders are.  

But anyway, that is the risk you take for entering the crypto market. If it’s volatile, then the tradeoff when you get a chance to trade a mooning coin would be twice as rewarding for you. The highs are as high as when it rains down low. So, take control, and invest smartly.  

Are you ready for another whirlwind of adventure for crypto investing this year? 

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