Cryptocurrency is more famous in many countries at some point of the world such as the Philippines. Among the many human beings investing in the crypto world in the Philippines are the gen Zs and the millennials.

There’s nothing to worry about because cryptocurrency is somehow popular in the country. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regulates the cryptocurrency exchanges. Under the BSP Circular 944, 17 cryptocurrencies are authorized to function legally in the country.

Listed here are the top cryptocurrencies available in the Philippines:

1. Binance Coin

Among the top crypto in PH, Binance coin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the country. But investors have to be aware of the high priced withdrawal costs, which may also differ on the virtual assets.

2. by Betur Inc

Digital wallet and mobile repayments app used to be the first to be registered as a cryptocurrency change in BSP via its remittance arm Betur Inc. The latter offers money in and money out services, cell air-time top ups, remittance services, bill repayments and Virtual Currency exchange.

Betur is not a cash transmitter but assists its users in digital foreign money transactions. But like Coins, Betur offers a digital forex wallet service where you can store your digital currency. It permits users make repayments to and accept repayments from third parties, as nicely as to buy and promote digital currency.

3. Bitcoin

In phrases of market capitalization, Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency. In November 2021, Bitcoin marked an all-time excessive of US$68,521.

4. Tether (USDT)

It is a cryptocurrency hosted on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. The code of this crypto is USDT with a market cap of $80.46. Investors can buy tether on most important cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a secure cryptocurrency making it a desirable investment.

5. SCI Ventures with the aid of Rebittance Inc.

SCI Ventures, formerly Satoshi Citadel Industries Inc, through its wholly owned subsidiary Rebittance Inc., is the second cryptocurrency trade to be registered in the Philippines. Rebit is just one of SCI’s several Bitcoin applied sciences that allows users anywhere in the world to send money to the Philippines with Bitcoin. Rebit additionally affords global cash transfers and bills payments.

SCI is targeted to streamline economic offerings through growing Bitcoin solutions that decrease the charges of the usage of and transferring money. SCI’s other technologies include,, payment solution, and cell pockets

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