There are two business terms that an incoming investing beginner might take note of: Bullish and Bearish. These two types of markets divide every investment medium, whether real estate, the stock market, crypto, and NFTs, among others.   

Basically, it’s just low-income and high-income markets; that’s the bullish vs bearish market. But here in Digitalmooning, we’ll cover what should you go for depending on your income. So, let’s not furtherly prolong the anticipation. Let’s begin.   

The Bull Market   

The Bull means spiking investments, but don’t flatter yourself. The Bull Market and Bear Market has equal high, risk high reward situation. In fact, anyone can equally thrive or fail in either of the two.   

The Bull Market is the one that everyone is waiting for in order to earn. But unfortunately, common traders look by their apps like wolves in order to fast trade to the next uprising altcoin.  

The bull market is waiting, watching, and anticipating the next red-hot commodity. Bitcoin, ETH, NFTs, whatever that’s flourishing in the market are considered the horns of the bull. This is where moon cryptocurrency is born. These “Stablecoins” are the pinnacle that small-time traders want to invest in.   

Not only that, but sometimes a third-party intervention is influential in creating a bull movement in the market. For example, during the GameStop incident in 2021, there was a drastic increase in crypto, specifically in Dogecoin, last year. Other Altcoins like Shiba subtly took advantage of this swerve as well.   

A rapid and controversial movement in pop cultures like this and current events will spike the horns of the bull market one way or another. In fact, that Gamestop incident was a reactive protest to GameStop getting bought up. Only a single Reddit thread drove that spike.   

The Bear Market   

Bear Market is a volatile market. The bare minimum of movement is drastic in this market. This kind of market occurs when a new industry starts or is at the near end of its parabolical shift.  

For example, after the parabolical loop in the Crypto market, investors and traders start buying Altcoins and wait for them to appreciate. It may gradually appreciate through time or drastically with the intervention of current events.   

Traders call their starting altcoins “Shitcoin” for a reason. It’s because they invest in these altcoins for a short time, wait for it to inflate and trade it. It’s that quick. Additionally, shitcoins are expandable altcoins, and regardless of whether traders win or lose, they invest in it for the possibility of appreciation.   

However, despite the small convertibility of Altcoins, there is a large number of people who profiteer over low-value crypto. This is the perfect time to invest if that’s the case. If you have extra funds, now is a best time to take more risks. The Omicron Deprecation is taking effect, and now is the perfect time to strike.   

Because it’s the first quarter, crypto is plummeting, and we are on a depreciation trend once again. However, the Bear market is vast with opportunities, and there is a huge possibility that another Altcoin will skyrocket to the top of the market again. Not to mention that Meta is launching gradually, and once it’s launched, that will be another huge venture for crypto and business enthusiasts.    

There is an air of a huge change incoming since many NFTs have been launched. There’s an incoming interest from people with zero interest in crypto again. It is the perfect time to start planning, if not trading.    

Just for the factor that Meta will launch soon and there will be a new wave of odd NFTs and Altcoins in the market, there will be a bull market rocketing once certain events take place. So there’s a huge possibility that Meta will be a huge factor in that change. But there are outside factors like political and societal factors that are notable as well.    

Be on the nose because the Bear season is a good time to buy Altcoins. While the market is plummeting, it is ideal to go full-on in investing in crypto. Once these are on the rise, you’ll run off with more than what you asked for.   


What’s important in trading or investing in crypto is not choosing the bear or bullish market. Instead, when something deprecates, choose the Altcoin, which is likely to rise. If you’re starting crypto today, NFTs are selling like pancakes. Just be vigilant, and be on the lookout for the next surge.   

There’s resell value attached to Non Fungible Tokens, and they’re reaching foreign audiences. But that’s not all actually with the deprecating curve happening now, and this is the perfect time to invest. Now is not the time to sell out, but the opposite. So be a Bear, and know how to strike back.   

If you think we missed something, leave us a comment down below. Check out our blog for more. 

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