The crypto market lost over $1 trillion in previous days, with the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin(BTC) taking a significant hit.

On the other hand, its SOPR chart (Spent Output Profit Ratio) shows that the market participants are starting to cash out whenever there is a bear market rally. As per the Glassnode date, these participants wanted to know a better position. The SOPR chart is a powerful tool based on the idea that users, who own cryptocurrencies, spend their tokens every now and then. It helps to get insight on whether one is being cashed out or re-entering the market over a period of time.

Bitcoin has been steadily declining since February, a period in which it lost over 80% of its value. The market also observed a downtrend in the SOPR chart since mid-December, during the crypto winter.

Although the SOPR chart is a powerful tool, it cannot be used as the sole metric to predict Bitcoin’s trend. Any other measures are also important to avoid any risks. For example, if traders use volatile indicators like price charts and box plots, they can make uneducated bets on cryptocurrencies.

BTC seasonality is indicating a negative September but this has been followed by a historically green October.  Bitcoin prices change seasonally. If this pattern continues, then now is probably a good time to buy Bitcoin.

What is a short-term bear market?

A short-term bear market is defined as a period of falling prices, lasting a few months or less. This form of a market correction is typically considered to be abnormal, but, in the world of financial markets, such trends are often the norm.

It gives the users some time to see whether or not this market is going up again. There are many analysts who believe that the market is a long-term bullish cryptocurrency. Some believe that it will be a short-term bear market and traders are watching the long-term trend.

It is important for people to know what their risk tolerance levels are because there will be another bull run soon. They should not panic about selling their Bitcoin or other altcoins during this fall season.


This is a powerful tool for traders to monitor Bitcoin’s volatility, providing them with an opportunity to liquidate their holdings whenever needed. This analysis of the SOPR chart shows that traders are liquidating cryptocurrencies during bear markets.

Although it is not conclusive evidence of a short-term trend, it is still important to watch the charts and see trends. Traders need to take a close look at the recent changes in this market because they can lead them into making wrong decisions.

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