During the pandemic, the crypto world surprised us with mind-blowing events, making digital assets more popular. Giant fintechs such as Paypal adopted crypto support to provide users with blockchain-based money. Larger corporations also flocked to crypto, and some are now backing projects.

Furthermore, Shiba Inu (SHIB) along with Dogecoin paved the way to another shocking returns within a short period of time. 

However, the crypto market is now confronting a major issue: artificially propped up the price.

Some are even claiming the bull market will end within a year. That’s a bold claim for such an ambitious-sounding bull market. Of course, we need to hear more about it but let’s focus on the arguments for and against this claim for now.

How the tables turned

The year 2022 made the crypto space sell off sharply due to inflation. The majority of investors were forced to sell their holdings. Many exchanges suspended trading without prior notice, and most investors lost a lot of money. It was a shocking event for all stakeholders. 

Saddening news like Terra blockchain collapse, bankruptcy filling by various such as Three Arrows Capital, Celsius Voyager Digital. But these past few weeks, the United States added roughly 530,000 jobs while Walmart reported an increasing household spending. 

These are all signs that the economy is strengthening and a bull market is fast approaching.

Inflation claimed the crypto space. We are now seeing signs that the economy is strengthening and a bull market is coming.

Investors need to be cautious. The market overheated.

‘Bull markets do not change in a moment.’

Despite the signs, there are still speculators who claim the bull market is coming. Some even believe that there will be a sudden collapse and thousands of investors will lose a lot of money. 

At least, follow these tips to protect your wealth.

The price of the crypto market is too high.

Bull markets do not change in a moment. This is because prices are higher than they should be.  Be cautious, research the project and do an objective analysis to make an informed decision.

With the overheated price, there is no room for mistakes in trading and investment strategies. That’s why we must take it easy, especially when it comes to major investments like cryptos.

Investors should not be hasty when buying a coin. The market is overheated. Have patience, research the project, and wait for a better price if you want to invest.

Crypto is not that easy to cash out because of its high volatility.

Bulls sometimes get lucky and buy at lower prices, but the price can never go back to what it was before they bought it. This shows that the market has been over-reached by speculators.

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